Hawaii Computer Solutions

Custom Computers

Why Build a Computer & Not Buy One?

Get a $2000-$8000 Computer for Half the Price!

Step 1

The Foundation

What is your goal? Are you a Gamer? Are you a Photographer? Are you a Recording Artists? Step 1 is to figure out why we are building this computer!

Step 2

The Case

Lets find a case! We have thousands of computer cases available to us and the look of your new computer is a VERY BIG DEAL! So lets choose the right one!

Step 3


Now that we have the case, lets choose how powerful you want it? 4 cores? 6 cores? 14 cores? It all depends on how powerful you want it!

Step 4


Ram is the second most important component of your new computer. 8gb is the least but 16gb or more is recommended!

Step 5

Do the Job

Now that we have everything we need, let us make your dreams come true and we will build your computer in record time! IWe back our builds with a 1 year warranty!

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